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AHAA Conference takes a giant step forward and into the future of marketing. Our event highlights the latest and future trends in business, culture, entertainment and technology. Most importantly, we will focus on how these trends intersect with the growing multicultural market and the inherent opportunity therein.

As Hispanic marketers, we are uniquely positioned to address how brands can connect with an ever-increasingly multicultural market. In that sense, we’re ahead of the curve (next generation). Trends in technology adoption are also changing the way brands connect to their consumers. And Hispanics are at the forefront of those technology trends – over indexing for mobile adoption and time spent with social media, at the same time outpacing the general market in content creation and in being digital influencers.

Recognizing the need for understanding Multiculturalism in 2017, the state of Hispanic marketing under Trump and developments across digital platforms, the AHAA Annual Conference will bring together cutting edge speakers, the sharpest marketing minds and opportunities for networking. Every marketer working in the multicultural space should come to this event to gain new ideas, inspiration, information, education in Next Generation Marketing.

We will evolve this topic from broad to more narrow as we equip attendees with insights, case studies and hands-on experiences.

Our themes for each day:

Day 1: Multiculturalism in 2017
Day 2: Innovation and Disruption
Day 3: Making it Work in Today’s Market Realities