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The AHAA Education Committee continues to confirm sessions. Topics focus on: Research (Insights) -- New Business -- New Media. A majority of the sessions are available to members. Occasionally AHAA will hold "open" sessions.

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Friday Chats: Featured Speaker Alex Lopez Negrete
Friday, February 6th, 2015 at 2:00 p.m.

AHAA newest series Friday Chats, which focuses on connecting young professionals with industry luminaries. This hour-long informal chat feature a high caliber speaker to provide the rising stars of our industry with tools for career advancement and insights on current industry issues. The inaugural chat speaker is Alex Lopez Negrete, president of Lopez Negrete Communications. Since co-founding his agency in 1985, Alex has steered the firm with a passion and vision for Hispanic marketing that has led it to become one of the country’s most influential Hispanic marketing agencies. Over the years the agency has continued to grow, with 2011 capitalized billings at $191 million and nearly 200 employees. In 2012, after 27 years and countless awards, Alex stepped down as chief creative officer in order to focus on his role as company president and CEO, in which he is intricately involved in providing strategic counsel and creative direction to all of the agency’s clients.




Measuring Total Market: How Ethnicity Drives Brand Relevancy (Members Only)
January 13th, 2015

This webinar will cover the role of ethnicity in the creative strategy - when it is appropriate to use an ethnic-specific or an ethnic-exclusive approach and how ethnicity drives brand relevancy. You also will learn about new tools that measure brand awareness, key brand attributes, and consumer perception to help analyze Total Market results.

Speaker: Stephen Palacios, Executive Vice President, Added Value

Moderator: Gabriela Alcantara-Diaz, AHAA Education Chair/President, Semilla AD 

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AHAA Presents: Refining Hispanic ROI
December 10th, 2014

We brought you a sneak peak member preview first, presented at ANA Multicultural Conference and now for the first time open to the public.

Rapid shifts in the Hispanic market, coupled with the emergence of the Total Market Approach, demand that sales data and television measurement methods evolve or new models emerge to give marketers an accurate read on their Hispanic ROI. 
- Improved data collection at the store level, where individual purchases are measured vs store estimates, and broader coverage of smaller stores like independent chains, bodegas and convenient stores.
- Stronger Hispanic television audience measures from national down to DMA levels for both cable and broadcast plus integration of C3 ratings.
- Adoption of three key model levels: segment focused, Hispanic within Total Market, and a broader dashboard with Customer Lifetime Value (CLV). 
Hear the impact of this study from research experts, clients and agencies and learn how these changes will revolutionize our industry and help us accurately evaluate the ROI of Hispanic efforts – in any language or type of Total Market approach. 

Jeff Doud, Director, Marketplace Analytics, Kellogg Company
Roxane Garzon, Media Director, Casanova Pendrill
Jim Spaeth, Partner, Sequent Partners
Carlos Santiago, AHAA Research Chair/President & Chief Strategist, Santiago Solutions Group 

Gabriela Alcantara-Diaz, AHAA Education Chair/President G ADMarketing Communications, Inc. 

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Millennial Hispanics Think Mobile First (Members Only)

November 18th, 2014

Millennials are the first “Mobile First” generation, and US Hispanics have long played a key role as early adopters of Mobile Media. To learn more about what young Hispanic Millennials are doing with Mobile, the IAB Mobile Center commissioned an in-depth research study with both quantitative and qualitative components, looking specifically/ closely at this group.

What kinds of content and communication services do Hispanic Millennials like on their devices? How does this vital demographic respond to mobile ads?  What's the role of mobile phones in their larger daily lives?  

Joe Laszlo, IAB's Sr. Director of the Mobile Marketing Center, will present key findings from this ground breaking research.

Then Marla Skiko, EVP, Director of Digital Innovation at SMG Multicultural will share her thoughts, and together they will highlight lessons marketers and media companies need to know to reach this important demographic today and to help the industry understand mobile user growth and behaviors in the future.

Joe Laszlo, Senior Director, IAB Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence
Marla Skiko, EVP, Director of Digital Innovation, SMG Multicultural

Moderator: Gabriela Alcantara-Diaz, AHAA Education Chair/President G ADMarketing Communications, Inc. 

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Download the full report at iab.net/mobilehispanics

Members-Only Sneak Preview: Refining Hispanic ROI in the Total Market Approach

November 5th, 2014

In advance of its release at the ANA Multicultural Marketing & Diversity Conference on November 9th, AHAA continues its thought leadership series on Total Market by providing members with exclusive access to this new research, which details how leading CPG clients and retailers currently approach marketing ROI. Accurate ROI measurement is absolutely crucial to validate the impact of a total market approach. The research examines (a) Spanish-language media and Hispanic stores and (b) Hispanic English television viewers and non-Hispanic stores. The work leads to insights on how ROI models should evolve and how currencies of television audience measurement and retail sales should change to make new models for a total market approach. While the focus is Hispanic, the knowledge gained from this ROI study will pave the way for revamping ROI approaches for other segments including multicultural and millennials.

Jim Spaeth, Partner, Sequent Partners
Alice Sylvester, Partner, Sequent Partners
Carlos Santiago, AHAA Research Chair/President & Chief Strategist, Santiago Solutions Group 


Gabriela Alcantara-Diaz, AHAA Education Chair/President G ADMarketing Communications, Inc. 

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El Sabor de America: The Latino Influence on American Food (Members Only)

October 27th, 2014 

Latinos are shaping the food culture in the U.S.  Not only are their preferences and habits helping to shape food choices for all of us, their desire for healthier and higher-quality items are changing how manufacturers and retailers need to bring products to market.  The webinar will share primary qualitative and quantitative research by leading food & beverage consulting and market research firm The Hartman Group. Attendees also will learn about opportunities for engagement with Millennial Latino consumers who are starting families and looking for authentic, healthy, yet convenient food options.

Speaker: Laurie Demeritt, CEO of The Hartman Group

Moderator: Gabriela Alcantara-Diaz, AHAA Education Chair/President G ADMarketing Communications, Inc. 

Laurie Demeritt is CEO of The Hartman Group, a leading consulting and market research firm founded over 20 years ago.  The Hartman Group specializes in the analysis and interpretation of consumer lifestyles and how these lifestyles affect the purchase and use of household goods, with an emphasis on the food and beverage arena.  Laurie oversees all financial and operational aspects of the company including the Market Research, Strategy and Worldview divisions.  Her background includes a B.A. from Cornell University and MBA from University of Washington.

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Will the Real Total Market Please Stand Up?
AHAA Presents: Total Market Webinar

September 24th, 2014 

The webinar “Will the Real Total Market Please Stand Up,” will be focused on the realities of aligning and launching the TMA consensus definition with the exploration of 4 areas:
-How the definition is interpreted
-Snags and challenges to implementation
-Overcoming barriers while applying TMA properly
-How and where the TMA is currently working

Panelists will cite specific examples from their ongoing Total Market evolution, the obstacles they overcame in moving their organization toward a true TMA and the results they are seeing.

Carlos Santiago, AHAA Research Chair/President & Chief Strategist, Santiago Solutions Group
Linda Jefferson, SVP, Media Services, Burrell
Xavier Turpin, Director, Multicultural Marketing, Dunkin Brands
Isaac Mizrahi, SVP, Managing Director, Alma

Gabriela Alcantara-Diaz, AHAA Education Chair/President G ADMarketing Communications, Inc. 


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Q&A Answers (PDF)

Social Media and Mobile Technology: Nightmare for Advertisers, Field Day for Lawyer (Members Only)

September 9th, 2014 

The advent of social media and mobile technology has forced advertisers and marketers to engage in interactive conversations rather than monologues, turned measurement and metrics upside down, reinvented the world of intellectual property,  changed privacy and data protection from a concern into a daily battle cry, has made your employees brand ambassadors and a reputational liabilities and given consumers a new and powerful voice – often a multilingual and multicultural voice -  in defining your brand and your identity.   For lawyers, this is nothing short of a field day – every day more legal and regulatory issues are found on the front pages of newspapers.  For advertisers and marketers, this is nothing short of your worst nightmare - every day more legal and regulatory issues are found on the front pages of newspapers.  This brief session is intended to touch on a conversation that needs to happen more often – lawyers and advertisers and their agencies finding ways to rest easy and dream creatively, rather than awake to the alarm of a legal or regulatory nightmare.

Moderator: Gaby Alcantara-Diaz – President, G ADMarketing Communications, Inc.

Speaker: Joseph I. Rosenbaum - Partner & Global Chair Advertising Technology & Media Law Practice, Reed Smith LLP

Joe is a New York partner and chairs Reed Smith’s global Advertising Technology & Media Law practice. With over 35 years of international experience, he regularly provides legal advice covering traditional, online and mobile advertising, marketing and promotions; social media; entertainment; product placement and celebrity endorsements; e-commerce; data protection; virtual, augmented and immersive reality; and more. Joe’s has authored books and articles and his written work has been cited in court decisions, law reviews, journals and industry periodicals and he speaks, is quoted and interviewed regularly. Joe is Corporate Secretary and outside General Counsel to the Interactive Advertising Bureau and a one page newsletter he started in 1996 is now a blog www.LegalBytes.com

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Legal Implications of Socila Media Article by Joseph Rosenbaum

IAB Make Mobile Work Webinar Series: Buy Mobile Inventory and Target Mobile Audiences (Members Only)

August 12th, 2014

Inventory and Targeting for Agencies and Brands. Learn best practices from brands and publishers on how to buy and target mobile inventory to reach your desired audience.


Download Presentation (PDF) 

Experian: New Data on Hispanic Millennials (Members Only)

July 8th, 2014

Download Presentation (PDF) 

Watch Presentation (Webex)


Never before has the United States seen a generation that is so diverse, so informed and so well connected as Millennials. They are one of the most influential sub segments within the generation are Hispanics who represent nearly one in every four adult Millennials. As the leading edge of Millennials move into their mid-30s, we will explore their demographics, lifestyles, values and motivations comparing Hispanic Millennials to non-Hispanics. We’ll also focus on the distinct way that this generation of digital natives incorporates the internet and smartphones into their daily lives.

Moderator: Gabriela Alcantara-Diaz, President G ADMarketing Communications, Inc. and AHAA Education Chair

Speaker: John Fetto, Senior Analyst, Marketing & Research, Experian Marketing Services.
A self-described “data geek,” John is responsible for converting complex data into clear and concise consumer insights that are consumable and actionable by non-analysts. Providing a complete 360-degree view of consumers is one of his areas of expertise, allowing marketers to better understand how to reach the right customer through the right channel with the right message. Throughout his tenure at Experian Marketing Services, John has worked extensively with the company’s core research services, including the Simmons National Consumer Study and Hitwise, developing strategic research plans for clients such as MasterCard, Procter & Gamble and Luxottica. John also worked with numerous media clients, including Scripps Networks, NBC/Telemundo, National Geographic and AETN, to identify ways to promote the value of their audience and increase ad revenue.


Upscale Latinos 2.0: A Renewed Outlook for High-End Marketers 

May 20th, 2014


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If you missed the annual AHAA “Thinking Under the Influence” Conference this past April, there is another opportunity to learn about Upscale Latinos, the most influential segment since the Baby Boomers. AHAA and Nielsen will host a webinar detailing the results of their second study, “Upscale Latinos 2.0: A Renewed Outlook for High-End Marketers,” which found that this segment contributes nearly 40 percent of the $1.5 trillion Hispanic spending power, and leads the overall upscale demographic in optimism, purchase behaviors, and plans to further increase spending.

This webinar will touch on key categories for growth, including midscale department stores and prestige cosmetics, but also will dive into previously unreleased data on casual dining and media behavior. 

Design With Device in Mind: Cross-Screen Creative for Agencies and Brands (Members Only)

May 13th, 2014

AHAA: The Voice of Hispanic Marketing, has teamed up with the IAB’s Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence in support of the Make Mobile Work initiative.  Learn more about designing ads with the device in mind – including examples from brands who are successfully implementing cross-screen creative today.

Help your company embrace mobile advertising and understand the best strategies for successful cross-screen creative in this quickly evolving digital medium. Learn techniques for building rich cross-screen ad creative and how to take advantage of device form factors, environment and HTML5 design capabilities.

With presentations from Xaxis, on Cross-Screen audiences for buyers, Google, on the best techniques for designing Cross-Screen creative, and Tremor Video as they present a cross-screen case study for a major national brand. 

View/Download Presentation

U.S. Hispanic Mobile Shopping Habits

April 8th, 2014 

Download Presentation (PDF) 

Watch Presentation (Webex)  

This webinar, opened to AHAA members and eMarketer subscribers, focus on how U.S. Hispanics use media to inform their online and mobile shopping habits. We’ll look at how these consumers overindex on mobile usage and how that translates to their consumption of media and advertising, as well as their shopping and buying habits, especially in the consumer packaged goods (CPG) category. Finally, we’ll identify some examples of how advertisers are responding to these trends and finding innovative ways to connect with this emerging and important demographic set.

Moderator: Gabriela Alcantara-Diaz, AHAA Education Chair and President of G ADMarketing Communications, Inc.

Speaker: Patricia Orsini, analyst, eMarketer
Orsini is an analyst at eMarketer, a New York-based research firm, where she covers the CPG vertical with a focus on consumer behavior among a variety of demographics. Previous to eMarketer, she was part of the team that created the Small Business channel for CNBC.com and ran the channel, overseeing coverage of how market forces affected small businesses in the US. She also spent 10 years at Adweek Magazines, where she was an executive editor in charge of coverage of digital agencies and media, as well as special projects.

Total Market: The Agency Side

February 25th, 2014 

Download Presentation (PDF) 

Watch Presentation (Webex)  

In December 2013, AHAA presented the initial findings of its Total Market Survey focusing on how corporations are adopting “total market” strategies. This webinar is focus on the agency perception and execution of Total Market (TM) - the results of a comprehensive survey of more than 200 respondents representing multicultural/ethnic and general market advertising and communications agencies, plus executives from buying, digital, public relations, promotions, and consulting firms.

With agencies supporting multiple clients, the vast majority of agencies and more than clients, have been practicing TM – of these, 9 in 10 percent have some clients with TM strategies, while 1 in 10 have all clients practicing a version of the TM approach; however, there is apprehension about its definition and execution across various organizations, which can impact the agency's ability to deliver the desired effectiveness. In this webinar, you will learn preliminary findings on how agencies are partnering with clients to define and execute TM to deliver incremental results.

Moderator: Gabriela Alcantara-Diaz, AHAA Education Chair and President of G ADMarketing Communications, Inc.


Carlos Santiago, chair of AHAA research committee and CEO of Santiago Solutions Group

Roberto Orcí, CEO of Acento Advertising


Issues Affecting Today's Advertising Industry (Members Only)

February 4th, 2014 

Download Presentation (PDF) 

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Download FTC’s Dot Com Disclosures (PDF)  

Geared toward senior management, this webinar reviewed the legal issues affecting advertising in the mobile environment, native advertising and privacy regulations. It also will serve as an introduction to Reed Smith, the premier global advertising law firm AHAA has selected as legal counsel*.

*AHAA members are eligible for free counsel over the phone or over email – if additional legal help is needed beyond a consultation, members will receive discounted legal services.
Moderator: Gaby Alcantara-Diaz, President, G ADMarketing Communications, Inc.

Speaker: Tom K. Ara, Partner, Reed Smith LLP

Speaker: Keri S. Bruce, Advertising, Technology and Media Law, Reed Smith LLP


AHAA's Total Market Benchmark Study: What Do Clients Think? (Members Only)
December 17th, 2013

Download and watch the presentation (member login required) 

Did you miss our session at ANA Multicultural? You're in luck. AHAA hosted a research session to provide you key insights from our latest study. In Q1 of 2014, agency results will be revealed to AHAA members only. Remember to renew or join today!

In the last decade, multicultural populations have grown to wield enormous power both on Wall Street and on Main Street. Not only are they influencing pop culture, entertainment and cuisine, but they are also driving significant changes in corporate board rooms and evolving the marketing industry. Today, marketing strategies are under great scrutiny in response to the explosive growth of multicultural populations. As many companies seek to reconcile and recalibrate efforts toward multiple market segments, questions arise with regards to the potential of defining and addressing a Total Market Strategy.

Moderator: Gaby Alcantara-Diaz – President, G ADMarketing Communications, Inc.

Speaker: Carlos Santiago, President & CEO, Santiago Solutions Group

    THE DEMOGRAPHIC FUTURE: Are brands ready for the next American revolution? (Members Only)
    November 14th, 2013

    Download and Watch the Presentation (member login required)

    2042—the year that America is poised to become a majority-minority nation—is just around the corner. But these massive demographic changes are already causing seismic shifts in consumer expectations, parenting, media, politics and the workforce—and these will only grow in intensity as the tipping point grows closer. Is your brand in tune with the realities of this reinvented America?
    Join The Futures Company as we discuss what you need to do to prepare as we enter the next chapter of our country's future—one that's pluralist, globalist and fundamentally different in looks, tastes, traditions and beliefs? You’ll also get a sneak peek at the new themes discussed in the 2014 State of the Multicultural Consumer report including:

    • The M2—Multicultural Millennials
    • How—and When—to Talk to the Total Market
    • Health & Wellness—A Multicultural Perspective
    • Blurred Lines—Marketing in an Age Beyond Boxes
    Moderator: Gaby Alcantara-Diaz, President, G ADMarketing Communications, Inc.

    Speaker: Camille Leak, Associate Head of Multicultural Insights, The Futures Co.

    Hispanic Infinite Dial Launch (Members Only)
    October 15th, 2013

     Download and Watch the Presentation (member login required)

    Nielsen Audio, formerly Arbitron, is launching it's Hispanic Infinite Dial results exclusively to AHAA members before the general market dissemination. Get the scoop before everyone else!

    About the Infinite Dial 2013 Series:
    The Infinite Dial series from Nielsen Audio/Arbitron and Edison Media Research has offered an unparalleled view of digital media trends since 1998 and has become a highly anticipated annual report. Some of the trends highlighted in the study are:

    •Growing penetration of smartphones and tablets and the ways people use these devices
    •The continued growth of online radio usage and time spent listening
    •An update on social media use by brand and age demos
    •Which devices people use to wake up in the morning

    Moderator: Gaby Alcantara-Diaz – President, G ADMarketing Communications, Inc.
    Speaker: Bill Rose, Senior Vice President of Marketing, Nielsen Audio

    The AHAA Generational & Cultural Study: Beyond the Data
    (Members Only)

    September 24th, 2013

    Download and Watch the Presentation (member login required)

    The latest and final webinar takes new data to further understand the dimensions of bicultural duality. The authors will contrast the limitations of traditional Acculturation unidimensional models and how Cultural Orientation’s bidimensional approach expands marketers understanding of behavior and preferences beyond demographics.

    What You'll Learn:
    • Key cultural orientation dimensions
    • The difference between acculturation and cultural orientation; and their application
    • Language and media usage by Hispanic generational segment
    • How this data can be to develop stronger creative messages and deeper consumer insights

    With underwriting from AARP, AHAA: The Voice of Hispanic Marketing's recently commissioned study is the first to examine the buying habits and Cultural Orientation of Hispanics and non-Hispanics across three generational groups—Millennials (18-29), Generation X (30-44), and Boomers (45-65).

    Moderator: Gaby Alcantara-Diaz – President, G ADMarketing Communications, Inc.


    • Carlos Santiago, President & CEO, Santiago Solutions Group
    • Dr. Jake Beniflah, Study Academic Counsel, Exec Dir, Center for Multicultural Science
    • Scott Willoth, SVP Methods & Analytics, Scarborough Research

    Session sponsor: AARP. Study underwriter: AARP. Research Partner: Scarborough.

    The Upscale Latino Segment: Beyond the Data (Members Only)
    September 18th, 2013 

    Download and Watch the Presentation (member login required) 

    You asked for more information on the Upscale Latino segment, and AHAA & Nielsen are delivering! Please join us for an exclusive session that will provide a deeper dive on this influential segment with NEW INFORMATION, based on questions posed during the last webinar covering this topic. We will go beyond basic demographics, spending habits and programming preferences to reveal comprehensive data on…

    ·The definition of “upscale” and family dynamics that are helping to build combined aggregate household income
    ·The future of this segment, including college graduate projections and the growth of the upscale Spanish-dominant
    ·A deeper dive on demographic composition across primary markets with an emphasis on New York, Texas and Washington D.C.
    ·A closer look at media criteria and digital usage

    You will be able to ask questions throughout the presentation and will receive a summary whitepaper in advance of its release to the public. Get your actionable data at this member-only event!

    Moderator: Gaby Alcantara-Diaz – President, G ADMarketing Communications, Inc.


    • Reny Diaz, Director of Research, Fusion + UniNoticias
    • Carlos Santiago, President & CEO, Santiago Solutions Group

     The effies: An Inside Look at the Entry Process (Members Only)
    September 12th, 2013

    Download and download the presentation (member login required)

    AHAA and Effie Worldwide are teaming up to provide a webinar event exclusively for AHAA members. Learn what it takes to have a winning case as Effie Worldwide gives you an inside look at the 2014 North American Effie Awards.

    The webinar will outline entry requirements, provide insight into how entries will be judged, and share tips from last year’s jury. Insights specific to the Hispanic Effie category will be revealed.

    It will also provide the opportunity for you to have any and all of your questions answered. Whether you are new to the process or a veteran at winning Effies – this is a great learning opportunity to have a better understanding of the Effie competition and to hear about the changes they have made for this year’s program.

    Entry materials for the 2014 North American Effie Awards competition will be available in late August. Entry deadlines run from October 8-October 30. A New Entrant Discount will be available to agencies that have not submitted entries into the 2011, 2012, or 2013 competitions. Competition details will be available at http://www.effie.org/.

    Moderator: Gaby Alcantara-Diaz – President, G ADMarketing Communications, Inc.

    Speaker: Steph Jones, Senior Program Manager

    Hispanic Beer Marketing Revisited (Members Only)
    August 13th, 2013

    This is an encore presentation of Felix Palau's CMO chat session from our recent Thinking Under the Influence conference. Not only will we show his presentation but Aldo Quevedo, will host the webinar and provide additional insights and commentary.

    The video will not be posted online so this is your only chance to relive the magic.

    Access the PDF of his presentation

    View short video excerpt

    Conference session description:

    This hard charging beer company with a diverse portfolio leverages deep consumer understanding into engaging experiences for urban, acculturated Latinos, creating traditional and non-traditional bilingual programs that cut across mobile, social media, music and sport, video, local events and more. Look for key insights and lessons learned after recent agency shifts, product launches, revamped packaging and unprecedented growth for the Tecate franchise.


    • Aldo Quevedo, Principal & Creative Director, Richards/Lerma
    • Gabriela Alcántara-Diaz, President, G ADMarketing Communications

    Elevating the Role of Marketing Procurement --
         What Even Agencies Need to Know (Members Only) 

    June 18th, 2013

     Download and watch the presentation (requires member login) 

     “Marketing’s goals should be our goals in theory, but typically procurement organizations have separate metrics — we rarely get credit for the sales generated by our efforts, but should be.” --Kim Johnson, Group Vice President, Strategic Sourcing Lead, Marketing, Suntrust

    The discipline of marketing procurement has existed in the industry for well over a decade now.   Some companies have more mature marketing procurement teams while others are just starting out.  At many companies, the focus continues to be on cost.  But some more enlightened firms are now evolving the conversation to strategic metrics, like driving marketing ROI.  Recently, ANA took the pulse of its members to better understand the metrics used to gauge the success of marketing procurement.  That research and follow-up qualitative interviews help to provide a roadmap for marketers as well as agencies to maximize the contribution of marketing procurement.

    Speaker: Bill Duggan, Group EVP, Association of National Advertisers

    Download the ANA Report.

    Winning the Hearts, Minds and Wallets of the Hispanic Customer Using Mobile
    March 20th, 2013 

    Download the Presentation (PDF) 

    Watch the Presentation (Vimeo)

    HISPANIC CONSUMERS ARE clearly becoming the most important prospects for marketers, across all sectors. Walmart has reported that 100% of its sales growth is now coming from the multicultural customers. In this webinar we'll provide an overview of the HISPANIC customers and strategies on how engage this MAJORITY-MINORITY throughout the path to purchase in order to win their HEARTS, MINDS and WALLETS.

    Moderator: Michael Becker, Managing Director, North America, Mobile Marketing Association


    • James Briggs, CEO and Co-Founder, Briabe Mobile
    • Diana Valencia, SVP of Mulitcultural Communications, Porter Novelli
    • Gaby Alcántara-Diaz, President, G ADMarketing Communications

    A Deep Dive Into the Latino Influence Project (Members)
    February 28th, 2013

    Access and Watch the Presentation 

    View the Latino Influence Project Study

    The United States is under the influence of the rapid growth of the Latino population. Fashion, music, entertainment, food, and pop culture are key areas in which Latinos are driving mainstream culture and creating nationwide trends.

    Most likely you've inevitably heard that “tortillas and salsa now outsell bread and ketchup” and that “dulce de leche is Häagen-Dazs’ top-selling flavor of ice cream.” In fact, Cheerios, a quintessentially American cereal, recently launched their own “dulce de leche” flavor. Ricky Martin appeared on Glee, Sofia Vergara launched a clothing line at K-Mart, and Victor Cruz is teaching the world to salsa every time he scores a touchdown.

    The Influence Project from Wing and Experian set out to quantify the extent to which Latinos are influencing the non-Latinos around them. The findings show that Hispanic influence extends far beyond tortillas and jalapeños into attitudes and beliefs around health, technology, and even the environment. The Online University session will take a deeper dive into the results of this study.


    • Holly McGavock - Director of Planning, Wing
      She has over 7 years of experience in multiple categories including Spirits, Automotive, Airlines, Retail, CPG, and Pharma. Holly also teaches Hispanic Marketing, Multicultural Marketing and Account Planning courses online for Florida State University students and marketing professionals.
    • Dr. Max Kilger -Chief Behavioral Scientist, Experian Marketing Services
      He received his doctorate in Social Psychology from Stanford University and directs Experian Marketing Services’ efforts in developing new methodologies from both quantitative as well as qualitative fields. Max specializes in applying theoretical and statistical expertise in creating specialized measurement and behavioral systems. His research interests include devising effective measurements for sensitive topical areas, the association between psychographic data and consumption patterns, cultural differences in consumer behavior and the relationship of people to digital technology.

    The 10 Principles of Hispanic Print Advertising (MEMBERS)
    January 30, 2013 

    Access and Watch the Presentation 

    In the USA, Hispanic media is under increasing pressure to more fully prove the return-on-investment (ROI) for advertising. Among the Hispanic magazine industry specifically, there is increasing pressure to prove the power of print and move to a more meaningful measure of advertising effectiveness including the stopping power of creative.

    This session will present actionable learnings from an extensive analysis of over 4,000 ads across a dozen Hispanic titles that were measured by Starch en Español, a syndicated advertising effectiveness service. It will advance the industry by answering the industry’s question: What works in Hispanic print advertising? Starch’s Ten Principles are a widely applicable and actionable guide for Hispanic advertisers to create more effective print advertisements.

    Susan Nuñez
    V.P. Advertiser Sales | GfK MRI
    GfK Mediamark Research & Intelligence, LLC

    Latino Radio Landscape 2012 (MEMBERS)
    Wednesday, December 12, 2012 

    Access and watch the presentation  

    The torrent of political advertising has finally come to an end and our airwaves are getting back to normal.  This session will look back at how the different political parties utilized radio to reach Hispanic voters in an effort to get ahead.  Which candidate spent the most, where did the ads run and when? We will also examine implications for advertisers and the increasing role Hispanics could have on future elections.


    • Tony Hereau, Media Insights Manager, Arbitron
    • Mary Beth Garber, EVP of Radio Analysis and Insights, Katz Radio Group

    It's Better Out... (MEMBERS)
    Wednesday, November 14, 2012

    Access and watch the presentation  

    Presentation sneak peak

    When the medium is the message out of home creative simply must inspire, intrigue and challenge. What better way to describe the urban gallery, the visual stew above the asphalt, that poster on the street, sign, billboard or hand-held cardboard; good, bad or governement induced; multi-million dollar flashing lights or bumper stickers on a vespa - the urban, sub-urban or Chevy Suburban imagery we expose is seen, absorbed prohibited, and, when done well, praised.

    Join Sean Robertson, Chief creative Officer and idea inciter for an out of this world creative web stroll far along the roadside for a fun and informative look at the good, the bad and the WTF...

    About the speaker:
    Sean Robertson, Chief Creative Officer and Idea Inciter at RROAM – a San Francisco Bay Area based media and marketing boutique, has found challenge, fulfillment and hair loss developing and promoting all types of creative and specializing in the “Art of the Poster.” Sean began his advertising career in 1986 and began his outdoor career 17 years ago as an assistant, part-time, temporary art director for Gannett Outdoor. After inhaling his fair share of toxic fumes, he became Creative Director for Gannett Outdoor SF, Outdoor Systems, and Infinity Outdoor, Viacom Outdoor and previously CBS Outdoor. He is a three-time Obie Awards Judge, part of the industry’s Speakers Bureau, and former Chairman of the OAAA Creative Committee.

    Delta Media Logo


    The Effies: An Inside Look At The Entry Process (MEMBERS)
    Monday, October 15, 2012

    Access the presentation and watch the webinar

    Sneak peek for non-members

    AHAA and Effie Worldwide have teamed up to present an exclusive webinar event only for AHAA members. This session normally costs $99 but will be provided at NO CHARGE!

    At this time, agency and client teams should be deep in preparation of their entries for the 2013 North American competition.  Though there is time to make some edits and final touches to ensure you have an effective entry. 

    Effie Worldwide will present an Entry Webinar, exclusive to AHAA members, that will provide insight into how entries will be judged and tips and insight from last year’s jury on what it takes to have a winning case.

    The webinar will also provide the opportunity for you to have any and all of your questions answered.  Whether you are new to the process, or a veteran at winning Effies – this is a great learning opportunity to have a better understanding of the Effie competition and to understand the changes they have made for this year’s program.

    Speaker: Steph Jones, Senior Program Coordinator

    Hispanic Communications Challenge (MEMBERS)
    Wednesday, October 10, 2012

    Access Presentation Slides and Recording

    Sneak Peek for Non-Members

    In this exclusive webinar, find out from Skyline Communications on how they won this challenge by planning a mobile app that caught FOX Deportes eye. The winners were announced at the AHAA conference and received a $4,000 scholarship for their efforts.

    About the competition: FOX Deportes, in partnership with Florida State University and University of Houston challenged ten group of students to devise a campaign that would leverage the use of digital platforms in the effort of improving the brand’s communication and engagement practice with the Hispanic community. 

    Session Overview:

    --Hispanic Communications Challenge
    --Today’s Digital Landscape (social media, digital & mobile platforms)
    --Recognizing trends: From a faculty standpoint & From a business standpoint
    --Best Practices: Connecting with millenials and acculturated Hispanics & How has Fox Deportes evolved in this digital age and how they incorporate social media in their marketing efforts


    • Robert Rodriguez from FOX Deportes
    • Antonieta Reyes Echezuria from Florida State University
    • Marisa Smith from Florida State University & Skyline Communications


    New Business Development for Multicultural Agencies in Today’s Marketing Environment (Members)
    Thursday, September 27, 2012

    Download Presentation - Sneak Peek

    Replay webinar (WebEx) 

    New Rules For Pitching And Winning New Business (Whitepaper)

    A successful multicultural agency must remain true to its ethnic heritage and cultural understanding of the target audience, while adopting the tactics that have made general market agencies successful - strategically disciplined, insightful and creative.   The speaker will cover the basics that work for all agencies, but add additional insights for multicultural marketing agencies.

    Don Morgan is President and Head Rainmaker of Raindance Consulting, a Seattle-based company specializing in new business development, social media and branding consulting for ad agencies. He is a 30+ years veteran of the ad wars.

    Understanding and Targeting Hispanic Affluent Markets: From Macro to Micro Market (Members)
    Thursday, September 13, 2012

    Download Presentation
    Replay Webinar (WebEx) 
    Affluent Hispanic households, those with at least $100,000 in investable assets, are approaching 4 million.  Webinar attendees will: 
    • Learn where the best markets are
    • See how markets differ based on size and concentration at the county level
    • Get demographic and assimilation profiles
    • Get perspective on growth potential
    Information Asset Partners is a marketing analytics firm that provides Empirics retail financial metrics to leading banks, insurers, and wealth managers.  Client use Empirics to objectively assess market opportunity, plan sales and marketing operations, and develop campaigns to customers and prospects. 
    Speaker: Bill Poll, Founder of Information Asset Partners
    His expertise is in market intelligence and its applications within sales and marketing organizations, and B2B and B2C information product marketing.  He has built a 20-year marketing, sales, and business development career in the information and direct marketing industries at D&B, McGraw-Hill, SRI International, and USADATA.  Bill has an MBA from Columbia University Graduate School of Business and a B.A. from Bowdoin College.

    OOH Creative: Larger Than Life (Members)
    Thursday, August 9th in Los Angeles

    This event brings in Sean Robertson, Chief Creative Officer for San Francisco's RROAM. He will discuss the do’s and don’ts in an Out of Home (OOH) execution.

    This two hour free session includes lunch; however you must RSVP by Friday, August 3rd.

    About the speaker:
    Sean Robertson, Chief Creative Officer and Idea Inciter at RROAM – a San Francisco Bay Area based media and marketing boutique, has found challenge, fulfillment and hair loss developing and promoting all types of creative and specializing in the “Art of the Poster.”

    Sean began his advertising career in 1986 and began his outdoor career 17 years ago as an assistant, part-time, temporary art director for Gannett Outdoor. After inhaling his fair share of toxic fumes, he became Creative Director for Gannett Outdoor SF, Outdoor Systems, and Infinity Outdoor, Viacom Outdoor and previously CBS Outdoor. He is a three-time Obie Awards Judge, part of the industry’s Speakers Bureau, and former Chairman of the OAAA Creative Committee.

    Sponsored by:

    Delta Media Logo


    Hispanic Media Insights - From Advertising To Online Behavior (Members)
    Tuesday, July 31, 2012

    Download Sneak Peak

    Requires Member Login:
    Download Full Presentation
    Download Webinar

    Kantar Media, a provider of Internet, TV and radio audience measurement in 59 countries, will present an overview of trends in Hispanic advertising creative for select, high value product categories that includes an analysis of message themes; comparisons versus messaging targeted at Anglo audiences; and what these trends suggest for the future.

    Presented by:

    Jon Swallen, CRO, Kantar Media Intelligence
    Jon leads initiatives into the development of digital methodologies for ad supported online video, social and mobile advertising, as well as spearhead data integration programs and thought leadership efforts in varied industry vertical markets. He was previously SVP of Research for Kantar Media Intelligence and prior to joining Kantar Media Intelligence in 2004, Jon held senior research positions in the media departments of the Universal McCann and Ogilvy & Mather advertising agencies.

    Yaakov Kimelfeld, CRO, Kantar Media Compete
    Dr. Kimelfeld was most recently SVP, Digital Research and Analytics Director for MediaVest. He is an industry thought leader in digital and traditional media analytics and attribution, and has previously developed numerous custom media planning and research tools working with media partners such as Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Yahoo! He has received numerous industry recognitions, including the Advertising Research Foundation David Ogilvy Awards in 2009 and 2010.



    Technology Sector’s Hispanic Allocation Impact on Overall Revenue Growth
    Tuesday, July 17, 2012 

    Access the presentation and webinar 

    Presented by Carlos Santiago, President & CEO of Santiago Solutions Group

    AHAA will unveil the findings of its third study in its Revenue Growth Series focusing on the Technology, Telecommunications and Entertainment categories, including manufacturers of consumer hardware, software, content and connectivity providers.  Carlos Santiago, AHAA research chair and CEO of Santiago Solutions Group, along with Dr..Cristina Garcia, professor of statistics at USC, will address the following crucial questions:

    • Does Hispanic Allocation yield increased topline Revenue Growth?
    • What role does Hispanic Allocation play in the quest to outperform competitors?
    • Could further Hispanic investment boost corporate growth rates?  By what factors?
    • Why are Hispanics vital to the sustainable growth of competitors?
    • What are the implications to the future of the Technology, Entertainment and Telecom sectors?

    Realizing the Hispanic Opportunity (Members)
    Thursday, June 28

    Download Sneak Peak

    Requires Member Login:
    Download Full Presentation
    Download Webinar 

    Presented by Camille Leak, Associate Head of Multicultural MONITOR, The Futures Co.

    Please join us on June 28th at 2pm EST as The Futures Company presents “Realizing the Hispanic Opportunity.”  Camille Leak, Associate Head of Multicultural MONITOR will dive into Hispanic consumers’ unique mindset, shopping behaviors and market segments exposed by the forces of the recession, including:

    1. Their sharply higher level of fiscal resilience—which allows them to adapt more rapidly to shifting economic conditions;
    2. They are a reliable source of demand for certain basic categories of goods and services due to their unique cultural preferences and lifestage needs;
    3. The emergence of a smart and uncompromising group of Hispanic consumers that represent a major source of discretionary demand: The Ready-to-Spends.

    Aribtron Hispanics Insights & Training (Members)
    Tuesday, June 5

    Presented by Jenny Griffith, Arbitron Trainer

    Radio offers a lot of unique attributes in the multi-media landscape.  Join us at 2pm EST on June 5th to learn more about radio today.  This session will look at the trends and evolution of the medium, review  basic measurements and terminology,  and uncover some of the nuances of Hispanic radio.  

    Presentation snapshot for non-members.

    AHAA Members login* to access the full presentation and recording here.

    Arbitron Training - Spanish Language Radio Today (YouTube)

    *your ID is typically your email. If you have forgotten your ID and/or password, please email us at info@ahaa.org.  


    Winning Hispanic Customer Acquisition and Customer Care (Members)
    Wednesday, May 23


    Presented by Neal Topf, President, Callzilla

    Neal fully understands how culture affects the sales process and helps Callzilla’s clients to do a better job of understanding the nuances of this sometimes fragmented marketplace to better position their Hispanic call center programs for success. He will speak to Hispanic customer acquisition and customer care as told from the other side of the fence.

    Participate in our webinar and hear the tales of what a contact center does to help advertiser's and their agencies and why it can be your best friend.

    CPG Hispanic Allocation Study 
    Wednesday, March 7

    AHAA presented new research on how Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) and CPG-driven retail companies are increasing their investment and honing their strategies to better target Hispanic consumers. The outcome of this increased focus is impacting companies overall growth rate and is being noticed by Wall Street analysts.

    Some of the companies featured in this new study include:
    Coca-Cola, Ralcorp, Groupe Danone, Nestle, Walgreens, Church & Dwight, General Mills, Hormel Foods, Walmart, CVS/Caremark, McCormick, Dean Foods, LVMH Moet Hennessy, Louis Vuitton, Tyson Foods, JM Smucker, Kellogg, Clorox, Target, Pernod Ricard, Campbell Soup, Kimberly-Clark, Diageo, Procter & Gamble, Hershey, Brown-Forman, Unilever, Big Lots, Conagra Foods, Kraft Foods, Pepsico, Henkel Kgaa, Nutrisystem, Newell Rubbermaid, Fortune Brands, and Sara Lee.

    The data will show the strong correlation (with a 95% confidence level) between corporate revenue growth and Hispanic marketing -- indicating that the Hispanic market can be a big determinant in corporate success.

    Growing Agency & Client Business with Key Market Insights 

    AHAA and Geoscape discussed how to sharpen your client presentations and help your clients build their market share with deep and accurate Hispanic consumer data through a turn-key online portal -- available 24/7.

    The seminar included a short case study focused on popular queries such as category spending in the automotive and healthcare industries. The elements of the partnership and how GIS can help you grow your agency and client business was reviewed as well. The webinar covered:

    •  Benefits provided by the Geoscape/AHAA partnership.
    •  Specific case studies on using GIS data resources to generate local market intelligence.
    •  How to leverage system modules including Marketscape, Consumer Spending Dynamix and Retail Target to add to your strategic knowledge base.

    2011 WEBINARS

    AHAA ROI Study Highlights for Agency Leaders

    For agency leaders only. 

    November 10, 2011

    A few weeks ago, at the AHAA Annual Conference, we unveiled one of the most compelling market research reports that not only impacts the way we approach new business as Hispanic advertising agencies but provides quantifiable rationale for increased investment in the Hispanic market. For the first time, Hispanic advertising allocation has been linked to corporate revenue growth.

    As a benefit to your membership in AHAA, we would like to cordially invite you to an exclusive leaders member-only webinar featuring our research partner Carlos Santiago of Santiago ROI as he reviews the highlights from AHAA's 2010 Report on Hispanic Advertising Spending. Learn about the state of the Hispanic advertising industry and comparisons to pre-recession spending; the optimal investment percentage to achieve largest margin of growth; the best-in-class categories and companies; and the opportunities ripe for cultivating new business and deeper engagement.

    For those of you who attended the AHAA Conference, this webinar will be a deeper dive into the data, and we will reveal category rankings with the names of their respective companies not yet released to the public.

    This meeting will be an open forum, townhall dialogue of agency leaders. Participants are encouraged to participate with questions and feedback.

    Please feel free to share this invitation with your senior staff. We hope you will join us.

    Digital Trends That Are Impacting Agency Business presented by UTalk Marketing

    October 27, 2011
    Download the handout (PDF)

    Learn more


    Synovate Diversity: Every 30 seconds, a Latino turns 18 in America…

    September 28, 2011
    View the recording

    Learn more

    Presenter: Denise Sharp, Synovate's Vice President of Diversity Research

    Description: The U.S. multicultural population is rapidly changing how we define the American consumer. The latest U.S. Census results tell us that Hispanics are now 50+ million. But how can marketers better understand the needs and attitudes of this key consumer segment?

    Denise Sharp, Synovate's Vice President of Diversity Research - an expert with over 20 years of experience in the Hispanic market - will provide insights on Hispanic consumers, including the latest demographic trends, media consumption and acculturation, shopper insights, and what is important to consider when conducting Hispanic research.


    Spanish SEM Lessons from CNN
    July 14, 2011

    Learn Search Engine Marketing (SEM) strategies to connect with U.S. Latino Consumers

    View the recording here.

    Latina Shopper Study
    May 24, 2011

    Learn how Latina women strategize, plan and behave before and when they shop - Click here for more details!


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