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AHAA 22nd Semi Annual Conference
April 25-27, 2007; Chicago, IL

Carl Kravetz - chairman
Alex López Negrete
- immediate past chairman & parliamentarian
Jackie Bird - chair-elect
José López Varela -
Laura Marella - treasurer
Gisela Girard
- secretary
Daisy Expósito-Ulla
Patricia Gaitan
Manuel Machado
Cynthia McFarlane
Rochelle Newman-Carrasco
Jessica Pantanini
Hector Orcí


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AHAA Redefines Latino Consumers and Reveals a New Language for Marketers during Conference

At its recent Miami conference AHAA announced the findings of its year-long project assessing more than 40 years of academic research identifying the unique character of US Hispanics. During the conference opening session, Chairman Carl Kravetz presented a new model of Latino cultural identity anticipated to transform the way marketers and advertisers connect with Hispanic consumers.

What makes a Latino, Latino? Until now, the Spanish language has been the single most compelling definer of Latino Identity. The results of AHAAs Latino Identity Project, however, indicate that neither language nor acculturation is the true marker of Latino Identity. In fact, conventional factors such as acculturation, ethnic pride, language preference and socioeconomic levels that once defined Latinos are simply contextual, according to the project analysis.

“The new model is a significant shift from the way in which Latino consumers have been characterized to date – by language, country of origin and their length of time in the US – an overly simplistic view of Latino identity,” says Carl Kravetz. “Our new model is not a rejection of the past but rather a natural and fascinating consequence of our growth, sophistication and evolution. This is not about a change of heart; instead this is about the change that is beating deep in the heart of the Latino population in America .”

The heart is the symbol AHAA is using to describe the new Latino Cultural Identity. Its complexity, adaptability, intricacy and interrelation with other vital systems resemble the heart of Latino Cultural Identity -- values that change according to environment and external stimuli as does a human heart.

The Project identifies four “chambers” of Latino Identity: interpersonal orientation; time and space perception; spirituality; and gender perception -- each with its own qualities and characteristics. While intuitively Hispanic marketers have understood the characteristics of US Hispanics, the analysis indicated that it is the interconnectedness of all four chambers and the influence of contextual factors such as immigration stress, education, discrimination, ethnic pride and socioeconomic level on those chambers that is really shaping Latino identity today and influences the way marketers must “speak” to Latino consumers.

“It is complex,” Kravetz says, “but not complicated. It is fluid, dynamic and ever changing. Interestingly, it turns out that it’s not so much what unites Latinos that’s important, rather, it’s what makes Latinos different from non-Latinos. Marketers can now use this fascinating insight and new cultural identity model to connect with Latino consumers emotionally, deep within their hearts where brand loyalty and preference is established. The unique ability of Latino agencies to translate this new language of Latino identity will enable corporations to gain new insight and bond with Hispanic consumers, whose spending power is projected to reach $1 trillion in a few years.”

AHAA will be engaging research partners to further validate the project analysis and will seek feedback from corporate marketers.

“We want to ensure that the creation of this new model wasn't an academic exercise,” Kravetz says. “Every Latino marketer should be challenged to think about how this model can change the way advertising and messages are created and received.

To view his presentation and download a transcript click here.

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Tere Zubizarreta, founder and CEO of Zubi Advertising was honored with one of the industry's highest honors - the Eduardo Caballero Lifetime Achievement Award. Presented by AHAA during a special luncheon at our recent conference, advertising professionals from around the country and local opinion leaders tipped their hats to a pioneer.

"I am truly humbled to receive the Eduardo Caballero award, especially here in front of my peers and the future leaders of the Hispanic advertising industry," said Tere Zubizarreta, CEO and president of Zubi Advertising. "The last 30 years have brought me joy and wisdom, a testament to the pleasure it's been for me to build this agency with wonderful co-workers and clients - all with the goal of communicating meaningful messages to the Hispanic community."

"AHAA is thrilled to honor Tere with our industry's most coveted award," said Carl Kravetz, chairman of AHAA . "As we embark on the next phase of advertising using the new Latino cultural identity model, it is appropriate that we honor this visionary, who like us and other visionaries strive to forge a deeper understanding of the Hispanic consumer. Tere is a true pioneer of the industry and is most deserving of this recognition for her remarkable accomplishments."

It was over three decades ago that Tere founded Zubi Advertising in a rented office with one phone and a borrowed typewriter. She was a Cuban-American woman starting a business in the male-driven 70's corporate America. One of her first clients was The Miami Herald, who was seeking an agency to market its new Spanish-language newspaper, El Nuevo Herald.

Against all odds, Tere has led the Coral Gables-based agency and its staff of over 100 employees to soaring levels of success with projected billings of $175 million for 2006 and a list of clients that include American Airlines, Ford Motor Company, Progressive Direct and SC Johnson to name a few.

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AHAA gratefully acknowledges the contribution of its sponsors. It is their support and generosity that allows AHAA to provide great educational programming and social events. MUCHAS GRACIAS!



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WINNERS OF 1st HISPANICAD.COM ACCOUNT PLANNING EXECELENCIA (HAPE) AWARDS CEO Gene Bryan presented the first annual HAPE awards during AHAA's recent conference in Miami. Winners were judged and selected from the 40 submissions received for the first awards competition in the Hispanic advertising industry recognizing the important and influential account planning discipline.

The HAPE awards were designed to identify and reward the best account planning in the industry. "The impressive number of entries alone is testament to the significance of our discipline," says Alex G-Pallete, president of the awards jury and managing partner-director of account planning/The Vidal Partnership. "The brilliant, strategic work we received from dozens of account planners across the country is inspiring for our industry. The winners today exemplify the amazing ability and thinking of account planning professionals and the growing importance of the discipline in Hispanic agencies."

The winners of the first annual HAPE Awards Competition are:

Clorox Franchise - Dieste & Harmel Partners, Cultural Interpretation
Direct TV Para Todos - The Vidal Partnership, Culture Specific
Bush's Beans - Casanova Pendrill, Cultural Transformation

Milk - Grupo Gallegos, Cultural Interpretation
Home Depot - Grupo Gallegos, Culture Specific
Heineken - The Vidal Partnership, Cultural Transformation
Pledge - Zubi Advertising, Cultural Transformation

X-Box - Casanova Pendrill, Cultural Interpretation
AOL Latino - Casanova Pendrill, Culture Specific
Personal Music - del Rivero Messianu DDB, Culture Specific
Tide Detergent - Conill Advertising, Cultural Transformation
Wendy's - The Vidal Partnership, Cultural Transformation

Honorable Mention
Teen Pregnancy Prevention - Moses Anshell, Inc., Cultural Interpretation
Physical Activity - Garcia 360°, Culture Specific
Camry - Conill Advertising, Cultural Transformation
Febreeze - Winglatino, Cultural Transformation
Mercury Milan - Zubi Advertising, Cultural Transformation
McDonald's (Women) - del Rivero Messianu DDB, Cultural Transformation
Nexium - Bromley Communications, Cultural Transformation

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Reach Client-Side Decision Makers via The Advertiser Magazine

The Association of National Advertisers (ANA) announced the re-launch of its member publication, The Advertiser. The magazine has been entirely redesigned with a fresh, contemporary look and feel as well as improved editorial that takes on the topics and trends facing marketers today. The magazine will now include Multiculturally Speaking, a new department, which will appear in every issue.

The Advertiser, a bi-monthly publication, is distributed to 25,000 ANA members (client-side marketers) who are the leaders in their respective industries and are senior level decision makers including CMOs and EVP/SVP/VPs of Marketing to Presidents and CEOs. The membership includes companies representing 8,500 brands, which collectively spend more than $100 billion annually on marketing communications and advertising. The Advertiser is the perfect medium for advertisers to tap into this highly lucrative and hard to reach marketplace.

The cover story of the November issue profiles the winners of the sixth annual ANA Multicultural Excellence Awards, honoring outstanding multicultural advertising campaigns. The categories include: Hispanic, African American, Asian, Gay & Lesbian, and campaigns with "Significant Results." And our Multiculturally Speaking department focuses on Hispanic teens and how advertisers can reach this growing and important youth market.

The November issue will get full distribution to all 25,000+ ANA members AND all who attend the esteemed Multicultural Marketing Conference November 12th - 14th in Los Angeles, CA. Go to for more details on this conference. This event is expected to draw over 350 client-side marketers and major media players who are eager to capitalize on this fast growing market segment.

With this relaunch, the ANA is offering AHAA members a special advertising rate for the November issue:
Reserve a full-page ad within the November issue at 35% off the rate card for a special rate of $6,500 net!  Advertising space deadline is November 2nd…Ad Materials due November 9th.

To learn more and reserve spaces please contact:

Ed Berg
Associate Publisher
The Advertiser and ANA Event Marketing
(617) 457-3976 /

Kristina Sweet
Eastern Advertising Sales Manager
The Advertiser and ANA Event Marketing
(617) 457-3938 /

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In a lush tropical and relaxed environment, organized by P&C Hispanic magazine and Adobo Productions, the After Party of AHAA on Wednesday night, September 20 at The Shore Club in Miami Beach turned out to be a great evening. For pictures of the AHAA conference and the P&C event visit:

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Wells Fargo has selected Acento as its new Hispanic agency of record. Last year Wells Fargo invested $2.5 million in the Hispanic market.

The Bravo Group have launched a dedicated Hispanic media communications division, called MEC Bravo. The Bravo Group will combine its current media planning and buying capabilities with Mediaedge:cia to provide a new offer which will include access to consumer insight and ROI, communications planning, media planning and buying, interaction (digital, direct, search), retail consultancy, sponsorship consultancy and activation and branded content and entertainment marketing services.

The Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company has selected The Bravo Group as agency of record for Hispanic creative and promotional marketing efforts in the United States. The selection of Bravo comes after a decision to review and consolidate all U.S. Hispanic creative and promotional marketing initiatives for the Wrigley brands and the new confectionery brands recently acquired from Kraft.

CityReach Latino is celebrating the one-year anniversary of its national network by hosting a media sweepstakes. The winner will receive $500,000 in Hispanic media for 2007 running on CityReach Latino’s network. To enter and learn more about official sweepstakes rules, visit All entries must be received by October 31, 2006 and the winner will be announced by November 15, 2006.

Latin American cable channel Movietraxx selected del Rivero Messianu DDB to conduct a branding and imaging campaign.

"Confia en Ti. Confia en Chaseis the tagline for a multimillion-dollar Hispanic advertising campaign recently launched by Chase Card Services. Chase has worked closely with Lápiz to create television advertising. Until this launch, Chase Card Services had provided Spanish-language direct marketing materials and bilingual customer service support for Hispanic customers, but had not advertised on Spanish-language TV networks.

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